What is the ManBassador Programme?

The ManBassador Programme is a team of men in the workplace who are passionate about raising awareness of men’s health problems, with the aim of empowering a proactive and preventative approach towards health and wellbeing as part of your strategy and will provide your male colleagues with:

  • Awareness from their male colleagues about the 5 biggest killers of working age men
  • Male friendly campaign activities
  • Relatable stories and experiences that tackle stigma and normalise help seeking behaviour
  • Access to a confidential listening and signposting service
  • Suicide intervention support

Men’s health problems are also important to women as they can be a primary source of support for their partners, family members, friends and work colleagues.

The ManBassador Programme though aimed at men will also be a learning and signposting resource for your female employees.

The ManBassador Programme is:

  • For all colleagues
  • Focused on awareness raising and tackling stigma around the 5 biggest killers of working age men
  • A listening and signposting service to support and treatment
  • A campaign resource
  • A movement for men to promote better mental and physical health in the workplace

The ManBassador Programme is not:

  • A mental health treatment service
  • A counselling or therapy service
  • An ongoing support service

Signposting to support services:

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