Why do a class?

  • They’re FUN
  • You’ll make friends who you won’t want to let down every week. So you’ll keep going!
  • They introduce you to new movements and exercise you may not otherwise try
  • You work harder when motivated by people around you.
  • There’s a sense of community as everyone works together towards a similar goal.
  • They are fantastic for stress relief and mood boosting.

Our classes

We offer a wide range of different classes at Active Leeds, ranging from low impact and low intensity sessions, to high intensity workouts to get your heart pumping.

Check out the class timetable and class descriptions here.

Live & On Demand

Feel a bit nervous about coming to a class? Or can’t make the class times? You can access live and recorded fitness classes with our instructors through the Active Leeds App. Complete your favourite workouts with your favourite instructors in your own time and space.

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Friendly Instructors

Our instructors are friendly, charismatic and motivate you to be your best. They also know how to adapt exercises to suit different needs. So never worry that you’ll be out of your depth.