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✔ Access your gym programmes and record your workouts
✔ Link your activity tracker such as Apple Watch or Fitbit
✔ Take part in club challenges and connect with others
✔ Record your progress with complimentary Tanita body composition analysis

Our expert instructors will help you reach your fitness goals, with regular reviews and state-of-the-art Mywellness technology to help you get there faster.

With 12 gyms, 14 pools and over 400 classes city wide, let us help you to move smarter and #LoveYourself this Summer

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What is Mywellness?

Mywellness from Technogym is an online platform that allows access to your exercise and lifestyle data, anytime, anywhere!

It can be accessed directly through the gym equipment while you workout, the Mywellness app or on the website. You can login simply by using a QR code on your phone or by entering your login details manually on the kit.

Access your gym programmes and record your workouts as you go in real-time via the app. 

Members are encouraged to book in for a review every 6 weeks. This complimentary 30 minute session with an instructor will be used to measure your unique body stats using state of the art Tanita technology.

Track Your Progress

Our Tanita scales provide an instant analysis of your health and fitness status by measuring your body composition in a matter of seconds. This gives you a comprehensive understanding of your body and allows us to create an effective workout plan that’s made specifically for you.

TANITA doesn’t just measure your weight and body fat, it measures…

Visceral fat the fat around your vital organs.

Muscle mass the weight of your muscles.

Metabolic age the age in which you metabolism works at.

Body mass index (BMI) a standardised ratio of weight to height, used as a general indicator of health.

Segmental Muscle Mass & Body Fat Percentage separate muscle mass rating and fat percentage for the core abdominal area, arms and legs.

Your results are stored in your MyWellness App account so you can view and track your progress at any time.

Memberships at Active Leeds

We’re on a mission to help you feel healthier, happier and more confident. Whether you’re an experienced exerciser, or looking to improve your health and wellbeing, Active Leeds have something for everyone regardless of age or ability.

✔ Gym, swimming, classes and racquet sports across our 16 facilities

✔ Complimentary personal and tailored wellness programmes from our gym staff

✔ Health assessments

✔ 6 week programme reviews

✔ Tanita body composition analysis to track progress

✔ Virtual and On-Demand classes

✔ Over 400 fitness classes city-wide

✔ Free parking


Hear It From Our Members Themselves!

Our members have some great stories to tell – be inspired by their journeys as you embark on your own fitness journey.

Let our inspirational members help you to move smarter and #LoveYourself this Summer


The staff at Garforth are so caring and helpful, I can’t praise them enough. The centre is always spotless and everyone always goes out of their way to help.


Everyone is so friendly and helpful at Scott Hall, from the receptionists to the gym staff and members. I also think Jenny’s Pilates classes are the best!

Scott Hall

Excellent value for money. Well equipped gym and really enjoyable classes.


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    Active Leeds has a vision for Leeds to be the best city to be active in. That means it is our mission to provide top notch health and fitness facilities and accessible opportunities for everyone in Leeds.

    We have a team of passionate people who want to improve people’s experiences of exercise in Leeds, whether that be at our leisure centres, in our parks, in our communities and even in our own homes.